“We are proud to have represented clients in many of the highest settlements and jury verdicts in U.S. history.” – Fred Bremseth

Success Stories

Appearing below are some of the verdicts Fred Bremseth has won for our firm’s clients. These verdicts are the result of the hard work and careful case preparation that is the hallmark of Bremseth Law Firm. We are proud of this outstanding track record. These verdicts demonstrate our firm’s resolve to aggressively represent each individual, our firm’s commitment to obtain the highest recovery under the law, and our firm’s ability to try cases when necessary all the way to verdict.

Case Verdict
Bonnie Blackmore v. Volkswagen, et al. $8.9 million
Robert Shannon v. CBR $6 million
Kennedy vs. Canadian Pacific Railroad $4.2 Million
Edward Jolley v. BNSF, Engineer $3.7 million
M.B. v. ABC Liquor, defamation $2.9 million
Robin Ballard v. MRL $2.8 million
Nick Houchins V. Canadian Pacific Railroad $2 million -(6/5/2018)
James Phillips v. BNSF, Engineer $1.9 million
Jeffrey R. Smith v. BNSF, Engineer $1.76 million
Jury awards injured BNSF employee $1.7 million
Todd Hohnholt v. BNSF, Conductor/Engineer $1.5 million
Kenneth R. Dellos v. BNSF, Engineer $1.2 million
Kent Krist v. BNSF, Conductor $1.15 million
Robert Ainsworth v. BNSF, Engineer $1.1 million
Douglas McKown v. BNSF, Conductor $1 million
David Peterson v BNSF $1 million
Eric Zahn v. BNSF $884,280
Doug McGinn Vs. Union Pacific $850,000
Cindy Magelky v. BNSF, Conductor $850,000
Gary Barnhart v. BNRR, Traveling Mechanic $850,000
George Bidwell v. Arturo Camacho, MD, medical malpractice $850,000
Joe Gwaizdon v. BNSF, 60 year-old Conductor $850,000
Thomas Graffis v. UPRR, Engineer $815,000
Michael O’Blizzlo v. BNRR, Brakeman $700,000
Terry Selig v. BNRR, Conductor $675,000
James Preston v. MRL, Switchman $655,250
Richard A. Nelson v. BNRR, 58 year-old Engineer $633,500
Michael Arispe v. DM&E, Conductor $625,000
Jerald D. Phillips v. BNRR, Engineer $561,000
Paul Arnold v. MRL, Engineer $550,000
Brian Broeker v. BNSF, Engineer in service $450,000
Arne Eissler v. MRL, 59 year-old Assistant Engineer $400,000
Arnold Mertens v. BNSF, Engineer in service $400,000
Roy Stewart v. BNSF, 66 year-old retired Conductor $350,000
Ed Jolley v. BNRR, Engineer in service $350,000
Daniel Picton v. BNRR, Engineer in service $315,000
Harry Janick v. CPRail, 59 year-old Clerk in service $300,000
Anderson V. Amtrak $162,600
Dustin Bergsing Confidential Settlement
Prettyman and Scott V. BNSF Confidential Settlement

These results are not intended – and should not be taken – as a guarantee of the result in any particular case. The facts and circumstances of each case are different, and the outcomes in cases vary greatly depending upon a number of factors.