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Pursuing Compensation For Herniated Disk Injuries

Spinal disks are the rubbery cushions between the vertebrae that make up the spine. When one of these disks moves out of place it is referred to as a herniated disk, ruptured disk or slipped disk. Herniated disk injuries can be extremely painful. The displaced disk may impact spinal nerves. This can lead to pain, numbness or weakness in arms or legs.

Herniated disks are a frequent problem for railroad workers. This spinal cord injury may occur due to a single event, such as lifting a heavy object. More often than not, the damage occurs slowly over time from repetitive lifting and other strenuous work on and around trains.

Helping Injured Railroad Workers And Other Injury Victims

At Bremseth Law Firm in Minnetonka, our attorneys are committed to helping railroad employees throughout Minnesota and nationwide with back injury claims. We work with talented medical experts to build cases designed to overcome our opponent’s objections. Frequently, these claims will be denied or fought by our opponents on the basis that the herniated disk injury did not occur at work. With the help of our experts, we can prove that these were injuries caused by train-related employment and get maximum compensation.

In addition to FELA claims, we help other employees who have suffered ruptured disks pursue workers’ compensation claims. We also pursue personal injury claims for victims of auto accidents and other acts of negligence. If you have suffered a back injury at work or because of someone else’s negligence, our lawyers can work for you.

Free Consultations About Disk Injury Claims

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