“We are proud to have represented clients in many of the highest settlements and jury verdicts in U.S. history.” – Fred Bremseth

Amputation Injury Attorneys

Railroading is a safer industry today than it was a century ago, thanks in large part to the safety features of the Federal Employers’ Liability Act ( FELA). But the number of serious accidents is still higher for railroad workers than for other fields of work. The human body is no match for a fully loaded rail car in motion. Accidents frequently result in gruesome manglings and amputations.

Bremseth Law Firm seeks maximum compensation for you, whether your limb was lost in a railroad accident, a car or truck accident, or another act of negligence.

The loss of a limb — hand, arm, leg or worse — is catastrophic for the pain it causes and the damage it does to the victim’s ability to earn a living. Amputees may need assistance to do very simple things. Amputation alters appearance. Victims must cope with the phenomenon of phantom limb pain. Recovery requires physical therapy and the mastery of prosthetics. It changes one’s relationships with others, often leading to social isolation and depression. A great deal has been taken away, and some of it can never be restored.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation For Amputation Victims

Our firm believes in going beyond other firms to obtain compensation. It is not unusual for us to win awards of $1 million and more. Maximum compensation has been our aim from the firm’s earliest days. One of Fred Bremseth‘s earliest cases involved an inspector carman on the Burlington Northern, who slipped and lost a leg under the wheels of the train. The award in that amputation case back in 1980 has been exceeded many times since then.

At Bremseth Law Firm, we work to compensate clients financially so they can pay their bills and live a normal life. Our maximum compensation approach has proven meaningful to scores of clients. Anxieties over finances are replaced by peace of mind, and the satisfaction of fighting back and winning.

In addition to handling FELA cases in which the individual has lost a limb, our attorneys represent victims of other accidents that result in amputation: car accidents, accidents on other people’s premises and emergency room errors. To learn more about how we deliver maximum compensation to the injured, call Bremseth Law Firm in Minnetonka, Minnesota, at 952-475-2800.

Our amputation injury lawyers offer free initial consultations and handle cases on a contingency fee basis.