“We are proud to have represented clients in many of the highest settlements and jury verdicts in U.S. history.” – Fred Bremseth

Unafraid To Take On The Most Catastrophic Injury Cases

Catastrophic injury litigation often requires professional and financial resources that many personal injury law firms simply can’t commit to the case. At the Bremseth Law Firm, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, we have earned our reputation for excellence by focusing on these complex cases.

More Than Just Accident Claims – We Are A Team Of National Trial Lawyers

Our team of trial lawyers goes into catastrophic accident injury cases with one goal in mind: obtaining maximum compensation so that clients can live their lives and pay their bills. We work consciously to obtain higher damages than other lawyers could obtain. We have succeeded for hundreds of other clients. We will do our utmost to succeed for you, too.

“For every catastrophic personal injury case – for every client – we put our powers of investigation, skilled analysis, case-building and persuasion up against the highly skilled lawyers representing insurance carriers.” – Attorney Fred Bremseth

Nationwide Reputation For Excellence

We handle catastrophic injury cases in many kinds of accident situations:

Not Just Some Experience – Decades Of Experience

We have successfully represented clients in life-changing injury cases such as:

Understanding How Insurance Company Lawyers Think

Many people imagine that personal injury law is a matter of lawyers from both sides meeting in the middle, arriving at a number acceptable to both. It is not like that.

The objective of insurance companies is to pay you the absolute minimum in damages. Your devastated life (or your death) is not their chief concern. Saving money is their only consideration.

Insurance companies are saying, in effect, “To win compensation, you must take on our lawyers. You must put your lawyer’s legal abilities up against ours.”

That approach saves insurance companies millions in payouts every year – money that should be rightfully paid to injured victims of negligence. It works until they face lawyers with the knowledge, the experience and the determination to engage insurance defense attorneys and win.

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For a free evaluation of your case’s prospects, call us at 952-475-2800 or contact us by email. We represent clients in catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorneys’ fees if we do not help you recover compensation in a settlement or trial.