“We are proud to have represented clients in many of the highest settlements and jury verdicts in U.S. history.” – Fred Bremseth

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From offices in Minnetonka, Minnesota, near Minneapolis, Bremseth Law Firm has built a nationwide reputation as one of the leading litigation law firms protecting the rights of individuals and workers injured as a result of train accidents or working on the railroad.

A National Reputation Built On Our Successful Record

When we say we are among the most pre-eminent railroad accident litigation firms in the nation, we have a record of settlements and trial verdicts to back it up. We are proud to have represented clients in many of the highest settlements and jury verdicts in U.S. history.

They Say Nothing Stops A Train — We Stand Up To Railroads

Railroad personal injury cases often fall under governance of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), but may also be handled as personal injury claims against the railroads. Our railroad injury claims lawyers have one of the most successful case records in the nation, handling cases throughout the country, Central and Western United States.

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Because of the size/weight disproportion of locomotives to human beings, injuries are often catastrophic, leading to permanent disability, shortened life expectancies and loss of function, including mental function:

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When someone is injured because of a railroad accident, the railroads’ first priority is self-protection. Railroads anticipate and tolerate a certain number of injuries. The railroads’ first reaction is to investigate the accident for its own purposes, to protect its interests. Claims agents and attorneys use the evidence they obtain from an investigation to support the railroad’s side, not to support the health or financial needs of the injured person.

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