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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Even worse than a catastrophic injury is one that ends a life. The Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) was passed in 1908 in part because so many rail workers were dying from falls, derailments, explosions, fires, collisions and crushings.

For every employee who dies on the job, a family is also wounded. For them, that worker was more than a worker. He or she was a spouse, a parent, son or daughter, a caregiver, a breadwinner, a nurturer or a loving companion. These losses can be compensated under the law.

Monetary Compensation For Fatal Railroad Accidents

The FELA prescribes a process by which surviving family members may sue the railroad company for losses. And while a monetary award is no substitute for the person who is gone from your life, it can take care of injury-related medical expenses, pain and suffering leading up to the death, and the loss of income and companionship. Bremseth Law Firm has won numerous million-dollar judgments in these situations.

Before your claim is adjudicated, you may be approached by a claims adjuster for the railroad company, offering you a quick settlement. We advise you to resist that offer, attractive though it may be. We know from experience that the way to win the compensation you deserve is to fight for it before a jury of your peers.

Taking the case to trial takes a bit longer, but the results speak for themselves. Million-dollar awards are not uncommon for our lawyers. And the maximum compensation awarded to our clients not only pays for medical and other bills, but also provides the satisfaction of fighting back and winning.

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Bremseth Law Firm seeks maximum compensation for your family whether you lost your loved one to a railroad accident, a traffic accident or any other act of negligence.

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