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The benefits of an attorney for settlement negotiations

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Car Accidents |

After a car accident, your personal injury claim is typically followed by a phone call from the claims adjuster for the other party’s insurance company. After that conversation and a review of the claim, you may receive an initial settlement offer. You may want to consult an attorney before you decide how to respond to that offer.

Here are a few reasons an attorney is beneficial for your settlement negotiation.

The insurance company is not your ally

The insurance company typically starts with a low settlement offer in an effort to save as much money as possible. Remember that the offer you receive is in the insurance company’s best interests, not yours. An attorney can work in your best interest to get you a fair settlement.

Attorneys can draft a counterclaim

Responding to a low settlement offer requires expertise, especially to support that counterclaim with evidence. An attorney can craft a comprehensive argument for a settlement amount with treatment information, prognosis and legal precedent.

You may not know your rights

Working with an attorney also ensures protection for your rights. Without an understanding of personal injury law, you could sacrifice your rights in the case without realizing it. An attorney advocates for you and protects your rights throughout the process.

Understand the basics of legal representation for your settlement negotiation to help you decide if an attorney is right for your case. The more you understand, the easier it is to protect your rights and get the settlement that you deserve.