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Is an attorney necessary if I am offered a settlement?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Accidents that result in catastrophic injuries are high targets for quick settlements. Insurance companies representing the at-fault party may offer money to the injured party at a vulnerable time.

The money is tempting. Is advice from an attorney necessary at this point? There are many reasons why the victim of a serious crash should consult a lawyer before accepting a settlement. The insurance company may know it will pay more once the totality of the situation comes to light.

Long-term medical care

In the thick of dealing with medical treatment and bills, the family of an injured party may jump at the chance to get these expenses paid. However, the long-term treatment plan should remain a priority to the family and thus the insurer. When the injured party’s attorney reviews the settlement, he or she may find it inadequate to cover future medical care. Since the injury is a catastrophic one, such as a traumatic brain injury, it likely requires ongoing care for the remainder of the victim’s life. When an insurance company proffers a settlement offer, it likely does not take the cost of this into account.

Future lost earnings

The loss of income after an accident may devastate a family. The insurance company knows this, so the settlement may include reimbursement of the injured party’s lost wages. However, what about future wages? Since the injury was severe enough to warrant a permanent disability rating, returning to work in the same or any capacity is unlikely. An attorney will ensure that the insurer is calculating the appropriate amount to account for future wages the injured party will no longer make.

An accident resulting in catastrophic injuries warrants a settlement accounting for the past, present and future. A lawyer knows how to negotiate and recover the compensation the victim deserves.