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Getting accountability for injured railroad workers

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Railroad Accidents & FELA claims |

Minnesota residents work hard to earn a living for themselves and their families. This is especially true for railroad workers, who often put in long hours on the job and perform difficult work.

Railroad workers also face unique dangers as compared to other professions. For example, as discussed recently in this blog, railroad workers often face a different work schedule than other kinds of workers. The different work schedule can impact the person’s sleep patterns, resulting in fatigue and sleep disorders.

The fatigue and sleep disorders are not only troublesome in and of themselves, but also when considering what effect these issues may have on a person’s safety. Railroad worker fatigue contributes to a number of injuries on the job, particularly for those who work in a more dangerous field in the industry.

Of course, fatigue is just one of many issues that can pose danger to railroad workers. There are any number of unsafe working conditions that can result in significant injury to railroad workers, including permanent disability or even death. Often times, the railroad company was aware of or contributed to these unsafe working conditions, which makes the situation even more tragic knowing that it could have been prevented.

Our firm understands these unique dangers encountered by railroad workers. We specialize in handling cases involving injuries to railroad workers. By working closely with our clients, we can determine what caused the injury at issue, and whether the railroad company can be held accountable for the tragic injury that altered our client’s life. For more information on our firm’s abilities to handle railroad injury cases, please visit our website discussing train accidents.