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Recognizing some of the most dangerous products in the marketplace

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Product Liability |

Americans love individual freedom and capitalism. These national principles mean stores carry all kinds of products that present danger.

Even if users follow every safety manual instruction, injury is still possible. A manufacturing error can always lead to disaster. Catastrophic injuries resulting from design defects demand a personal injury lawsuit.


Off-road motor vehicles are loads of fun, but they can also be perilous. All it takes is one fast turn for a rollover to occur. Spinal injuries, sometimes resulting in paralysis, are a reality, along with brain trauma. Loss of control is not always the fault of the driver. Faulty brakes, for instance, can create tragedy. A rupturing gas tank catching fire may cause burn scars that last a lifetime.


Like with ATVs, skateboards demand user responsibility. Despite proper usage, riders may still incur serious harm. Attempting to recreate professional stunts without training puts skateboarders at risk. Also in peril are safe riders on boards with wheels that fall off. Slamming into concrete has the potential to shatter bones, necessitating amputation.


Homeowners often clean leaves from gutters in the fall. There is an obvious risk when ascending to such heights. Liability is greatest when a ladder contains a design flaw. Uneven ones have a habit of tipping over, sending a climber crashing to the ground. A locking mechanism might not stay in place, with equally tragic consequences.

There are more than a few goods with the potential to harm consumers. Stay aware of the risk that comes with every one of these purchases.