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Are you an injured railroad worker? We can help with your case

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Railroad Accidents & FELA claims |

The recent oil boom in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota has contributed to ever increasing railroad traffic to transport the extracted oil to refineries across the U.S. via rail tanker cars. This in turn has caused an increase in the need for hiring workers that can aid in expanding, upgrading and maintaining the safety and integrity of the railroads that carry this highly flammable cargo.

When these workers get injured or are otherwise harmed while on the job, they, as well as their families, can make use of the Federal Employers’ Liability Act that was passed into law by Congress specifically to protect the rights and interests of railroad workers who have been seriously harmed or even lost their lives while on the job. In order to successfully file a case against a railroad company on behalf of an injured railroad worker or the family of one who lost their life in the course of performing their job three requirements must be met.

First, the injured railroad worker or whoever is filing on their behalf, if the worker has lost their life and are seeking monetary compensation against the railroad company, must successfully demonstrate that the injuries were in fact sustained while the worker was engaged in their typical job duties. Likewise the same applies if the worker died. Secondly, the railroad that the worker is working for must be conducting interstate commerce between at least two states at a minimum and, finally, the railroad has either caused or in some demonstrable way directly contributed to injuring the worker or causing the worker’s death while on the job.

The FELA law and FELA cases are complex. But, our Minnesota residents will find it helpful to learn that the Bremseth Law Firm is experienced in trying FELA cases, and has represented numerous injured workers such as train operators, engineers, maintenance workers and more. We will evaluate your case and provide rigorous representation.

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