Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

Every year, dozens of railroad workers suffer blows to the head, or they are struck by falling or moving objects, or they themselves fall from a platform or car, or they are in motor vehicle accidents that agitate the vulnerable tissues of the brain.

The extent of brain injuries is often minimized at first. Injured workers hope that the injury is minor and that they can continue working. It is painful to contemplate the thought of permanent damage to this all-important part of ourselves. But even minor symptoms are impossible to ignore: headaches, vomiting, bleeding from the ear, dizziness, loss of coordination, loss of certain kinds of memory and slurred speech. Serious insults to the brain can render a person unable to walk, to hold down a job, to concentrate, to think logically and to even feed oneself.

Brain injury is a serious problem not just for the injured person, but for families and caregivers who must cope with the damage, changes to the loved one’s personality and the financial pressure that serious injury places on the family.

Catastrophic Brain Injury Caused By Railroad And Other Accidents

Bremseth Law Firm seeks maximum compensation for you whether your head or brain injury occurred in a railroad accident, traffic accident or other act of negligence. These are the most common kinds in injury:

  • Closed head or traumatic brain injury: Caused by an act of violence, a collision or a blow. Effects of TBI vary, but they can be devastating.
  • Open head injury: When an object breaks through the skull and penetrates the brain
  • Concussion: A shaking of the brain inside the skull. It is a traumatic injury that should be evaluated immediately by a doctor.
  • Coma: Coma is defined as a prolonged episode of loss of consciousness. Comas are unpredictable and sometimes last for years. Coma can be brought on by injury or induced by doctors.

Restitution For Injured Railroad Workers

Bremseth Law Firm is dedicated to bringing relief to victims of traumatic brain injury and their families, in the form of monetary compensation through the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). Our firm is made up of lawyers and investigators with vast experience in railroad injuries. Many worked on trains themselves and chose investigatory work after they were injured themselves.

Our lawyers make it their goal to obtain maximum compensation for catastrophic injuries to railroad workers. We have helped hundreds of others, and we are confident we can help you.

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