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Were you injured in a car accident? Our law firm can help

Despite all the public service announcements to exercise caution and drive safely, car accidents do routinely happen. Such accidents can result in serious injuries and be potentially debilitating for those involved in the accident, along with their families.

Police officers causing distracted driving accidents

Distracted driving is something many of us do from time to time, whether by our own choosing or not. One of the primary causes of distraction, or at least a cause which has been receiving a significant amount of attention in recent years, is technology-related driving distraction. Cell phones are a particular problem, but really any in-car tech item which draws a driver's attention away from the road can prove distracting.

Unlicensed, possibly drunk driver posts wrecked car on Facebook

On July 22, a vehicle traveling along Highway 252 in Brooklyn Park collided with the rear end of another automobile. The driver of the car that got rear ended was a 16-year-old student. He was taken to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries and died a few days later.

'U Drive. U Text. U Pay.' message NHTSA hopes Minneapolis hears

Technology has made a huge impact on our lives. We can do almost anything with the simple click of a mouse or stroke of a key, including order our groceries, research a medical condition, hire a babysitter, talk to a relative on the other side of the world or even earn a living. This technology certainly has its benefits, but these benefits come with some real risks too.

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