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Understanding MN truck driver rest requirements

Minnesota residents should be interested to know that the current spending bill that is tied up in Congress contains a provision that, if enacted, will rollback a regulation that can have adverse effects on truck safety on Minnesota roads. The regulation in question addressed the number of hours that truck drivers that conduct long-haul type driving could spend behind a wheel of a big rig. The issue was initially addressed last year when a regulation was passed that forced truck drivers to have to take two nights off back-to-back for every 70 hours that they spent driving.

Program aims to help truckers avoid drowsy driving

According to a recent article in Star Tribune notes, 317,000 large truck crashes occurred across the United States in 2012. That amounts to 868 crashes per day. As a result of those accidents, 3,921 people died, which amounts to 11 per day. This is far too many deaths.

Train derailments prompt DOT emergency order, safety advisory

There is a serious oil boom occurring in our neighboring state o f North Dakota. The fracking occurring in Bakken has helped increase the amount of U.S. crude oil production. In 2008, there were 5 million barrels produced each day. That number is expected to increase to 8.5 million barrels by the end of this year.

Interstate 94 truck accident was about more than 'spilled milk'

When someone talks about a truck accident that occurs in mid-April involving ice on the roadway, only a Minnesotan would not find the mention of ice to be out of the ordinary. Hazardous roads due to snow and ice are a big part of life in Minnesota, with winters such as this year's often lasting longer than they should.

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