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Five family members die in vehicle-train accident

Though trains can be an efficient way to travel, they pose significant hazards to drivers when motor vehicles must cross their tracks. All throughout Minnesota individuals must go over railroads to get to their jobs, homes, and schools. While most people make it through rail-road intersections without incident, not all individuals are so lucky.

Understanding the options available to train accident victims

Train accidents can cause significant devastation in the lives of victims and their families. Accidents associated with railroad crossings are oftentimes catastrophic and can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. It is important for victims of train accidents and their families to be familiar with the protections available to them when they have been harmed in a train accident.

Train accident kills 2 workers and injures up to 35 passengers

Minnesota residents frequently use trains as a means of travel for work and for personal trips. Along with that, there will be a large number of people working on keeping these trains maintained and the tracks operating properly. It is generally known as a safe, affordable and effective way in which to travel. However, the number of train accidents that have occurred recently has put a damper on the feeling of safety. When there is a crash, the victim of a train accident can be seriously injured and even killed as a result.

Proper rail inspections essential to avoid train accidents

Safety is a paramount concern for Minnesota residents. While individuals take a number of steps to keep themselves and their families safe, there are some safety precautions that are not within their control. Accordingly, it is important that others who have the control and responsibility take the necessary steps.

Feds report 16 percent rise in fatalities from train accidents

When Minnesota residents deal with potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis, it can be easy to forget or take for granted the danger that is present. It is often only when a tragic incident happens that some people realize the danger.

Injured on a federal job? FELA may provide relief

Minnesota residents work hard to provide a living for themselves and their families. In order to perform their job duties, however, individuals need to feel safe in their work environment. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, as Minnesota residents can suffer serious injuries through their employment.

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver aims to reduce vehicle-rail crashes

As reliance on railroads and trains for transporting goods increases there comes a corresponding increase in railroad traffic that equates to an increased probability of accidents, derailments and crashes with vehicles crossing railroad crossings. Given the thousands of miles rails cars have to travel, it should not be surprising that train accidents happen.

Railroads companies hesitant to make emergency plans public

Minnesota residents should be interested to know that at least 300,000 people in the state have homes that are in close proximity to railroad tracks that are used to transport crude oil. With close being a relative term, in this instance it means within a half-mile radius. This means that the homes and railroad tracks are close enough to be potentially adversely and dangerously impacted if a disaster were to take place and a tanker train car carrying crude oil were to derail and explode.

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