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Gathering the right evidence after a car crash

In the immediate aftermath of a shocking accident, it can be difficult for Minnesota residents to explain what happened. After a sudden car crash, for example, the individual who was hit by another vehicle may be at a loss to understand what just transpired. In the minutes, days and weeks after the accident, the pieces of the puzzle can start to come together as to how the accident was caused. Those involved in the incident can tell their sides of the story, while witnesses who observed the event may also shed light on what they saw. There may also be other evidence that can come into play when the cause of a crash is in dispute, like accident reconstruction reports that explain how the accident was likely to have occurred.

Distracted driving remains significant cause of car crashes

In today's constantly-moving world, it is easy for Minnesota residents to get distracted from the task at hand. Smartphones, touch-screen devices and other gadgets attract individuals' attention, even when they are engaging in matters like driving that should require their undivided attention.

Hit and run involving pickup severely injures Minnesota bicyclist

Bicyclists and motor vehicles have to share the road in Minnesota to ensure everyone's safety. Even when taking all the proper safety precautions, a bicyclist is exceedingly vulnerable to severe injuries and death when involved in a crash with a car. These types of car accidents are among the most dangerous because of that vulnerability. Those who are riding a bicycle or have a loved one riding a bicycle who was involved in an accident with a motor vehicle need to know how to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other costs that will inevitably arise.

Drunk driving accident kills Minnesota mother of 3

Life is precious for Minnesota residents, and it can change in an instant on any ordinary day. A simple drive to work or the grocery store can turn into a life-changing moment when a car accident occurs. These incidents typically occur with little to no warning, and are often caused by someone else's poor driving or mistakes that should never have occurred.

An overview of car accident claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there are greater than 5.6 million car accidents in the United States each year. Consequently, it is not surprising that car accidents give rise to the greatest number of personal injury claims in the U.S. Car accidents can occur in a number of different ways and result in serious injuries and damages to victims.

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